Important Safety Information

Business Jet Center remains! Our steadfast commitment to be in dedicated service to you is not going to change. You will see new precautions and extra sterilizing efforts around the terminal, as well as the implementation of CDC guidelines such as appropriate social distancing. Most recently, in compliance with the Amended Order of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, all Business Jet personnel will be wearing some form of covering over their nose and mouth. But rest assured, you will also continue to see our team doing all we can for you.

In order to remain operating while prudently protecting our team and our customers, separate facilities are now in place for aircrews on flights from State of Texas designated “Hot Spots” and from medical flights carrying patients fighting the Covid-19 virus.

Also, our longtime partner Go Rentals, is here and on base for all your rental car needs. With the new spread of Covid-19, Go Rentals assures that every vehicle is hand-washed, hand-sanitized and inspected before every use. They also guarantee planeside delivery to eliminate the use of the lobby and DocuSign contracts to eliminate human interaction.

Please reach out to our team if we can assist you in any way. Stay safe and stay well. We hope to see you fly in soon!
– The Business Jet Family