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BJC Dallas Aviation Fuel Service

Business Jet Center's Volume Discount Program drastically increases the potential cost savings to our customers.  

Our state-of-the-art fuel farm includes two 30,000 gallon jet fuel tanks, one 12,000 gallon avgas tank and one 4,000 gallon mogas tank for the FBOs ground equipment and passenger vehicles.  

Business Jet Center currently operates five Phillips 66 refuelers -- four for jet fuel (5,000 gallons) and a 1,200 gallon truck for 100LL avgas.  

Using Phillips 66 Aviation Fuel  

"We do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best; and that means going with Phillips 66 as our fuel brand," Bill Moltenbrey, Director of Business Jet Center, said.   "We feel as though we're getting value for our dollar with Phillips 66, the same way we like to offer value to our customers."  

Moltenbrey said Phillips 66 aviation fuel is the brand requested most by pilots, and his customers agreed.  

John Ellis, Chief Pilot, said, "I've used Phillips 66 aviation fuel in the past and I know its reliability.   I know they go through a lot of steps to assure quality.   I want that peace of mind."
Dallas aviation fuel services
Jet A
Base Price: $5.68
Base Price: $7.65
We also offer various contract fuel options.
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